What is DeffArt.com?

DeffArt.com is your online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell art products, crafts or handmade worldwide.

At DeffArt you can:

  • Buy directly from sellers who put their heart and soul to produce a special item.
  • Sell ​​your handmade products by opening your shop on DeffArt.com.

At Deffart you will find various and multiple products made by the large community of designers and talented craftsmen.

  • Fashion

Buy uncommon handmade clothing, discover stylish, modern, ethnic and colored products. Choose from our dresses, skirts, strapless tops, polo shirts, shirts, tunics … For your events and ceremonies, you will surely find at DeffArt.com the right product.

  • Accessories

Here you can buy original jewelry , pretty ethnic style ornaments, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, wallets and bags …

  • Art and Decoration

Find at DeffArt a wide-range of home decoration, down covers, tablecloths, curtains and cushions, paintings art, masks, statues and sculptures as well as furniture.

Our mission

  • Promote and Develop the art, craft and handmade.
  • Help the creators expand their market and sell their products worldwide.
  • Connect sellers with buyers worldwide.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Offer original, local, quality and not common products to buyers.

How it works?

DeffArt includes shops created by the creators sellers.

  • The creators sellers post their products in their shop.
  • The buyers order and pay online directly through suitable payment methods offer by DeffArt.
  • Vendors receive orders in their shop and ship the items to the buyer.

Your transactions are safe in DeffArt

As an intermediary trust, DeffArt ensure the smooth running of all transactions between buyers and sellers.

With Paypal as our main payment solution your transactions are well protected and safe.

Trustworthy vendors

You can read their reviews and conditions of sale and get in touch with them for any questions.

Protected purchases 

If something does not happen as expected our team is here to cover you.



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